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 Hey, that's me. Tina. Hi there. Balancing the most important things in life in order of importance - coffee, matcha, and kids. In between those things, we make attempts at travelling the world. But only after copious amounts of coffee and matcha. I show parents how they can travel for longer and cheaper, coffee in one hand and spawn in the other.


A Complete Bali Price Guide for Families: Breakdown of Travel Costs

Alright, guys. Let's put all preconceptions aside and get down 'n' dirty with some real Bali prices...

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Top Rated Family Accommodation in Ballarat for all Budgets

Your one-stop for a list of the best family accommodation in Ballarat, because - I totally get it...

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Things to do in Ballarat Australia: A Fun Weekend Getaway for Families

Alright. Are you ready? Because we're about to unravel 10 of the best things to do in Ballarat, as well as...

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8 Must-Do Chiang Mai Day Trips That Will Open Your Mind

If you've got the time to spare on your trip, ensure you don't miss these mind-opening Chiang Mai day...

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Cost of Living in Chiang Mai: Accommodation, Food, Transport & More

If you've ever considered living in Chiang Mai with your family, you're probably going to want to know the cost...

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Oktoberfest Munich: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Activities & Beer Tents

Is Oktoberfest Munich possible with kids? Is it safe? Are there gonna be heaps of drunk people? Well...

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5 Things to do in Ballarat with Kids | Melbourne (Australia) Travel Guide

Get ready to discover 5 of the best things to do in Ballarat that the whole family will enjoy. We'll take you...

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Thailand with Kids: How Family Friendly is Chiang Mai? (2018 Travel Guide)

Planning your next holiday in Thailand with kids? Find out just how family friendly Chiang Mai is....

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Chiang Mai With Kids: Top 10 Attractions (Best Things To Do)

Discover the best attractions in Chiang Mai with kids - from adventurous safaris to crazy...

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