Traveling with Kids: 10 MUST-HAVE Gadgets & Travel Gear

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Traveling with kids is as easy as eating a slice of cake. Said no parent ever.

With our first international family holiday drawing nearer, naturally, I started googling things I should pack for a long haul trip with a toddler. You can take a look at our amazing itinerary ‘guaranteed-to-make-you-jealous’ here.

When you start clicking away in the vast universe of the Internet, you come across some pretty amazing things. Like what desperate traveling parents are inventing to make family holidays that little bit more bearable. Kudos to you folk for inventing products that we can’t even dream of.



“It’s a bed. It’s a suitcase. It’s a miracle.”

You know what would be even more miraculous? A ride-on roller suitcase for adults that opens into a bed. That, or a free upgrade to business class.

The Jet Kids BedBox is a brilliant invention – I remember I spent my childhood airplane travels with my head cradled in my Mum or Dad’s laps, and my legs somewhere between the surface of the seat and up in the air. I never thought about how uncomfortable it would have been for my poor Mother who would’ve had to sit stiff on 20-hour flights to Australia and back to Germany.

This will be me in two weeks. Some might say it’s karma.

Being a first time Mum myself now, I am dreading the impending 20+ hour flight that I will have to endure with my energy charged toddler. The BedBox would be a godsend, and I won’t have to sacrifice my lap, or personal space for that matter, so my child’s heavy ass head can lie on it and afflict me with next level pins and needles.

Pretty standard looking kids’ roller suitcase from the outside


Has anyone ever told you, “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, don’t judge this roller suitcase from its facade. What’s inside is pure bliss.


Pretty standard looking kids’ roller suitcase turns into a motherflippin’ bed – genius!



The first thing I pack for any trip, is my Tula baby carrier. Whether you’re jetting off to a busy city, or driving to the countryside – this is the best baby carrier I have to date.

On our 3-day family roadtrip to Warrnambool and the Great Ocean Road, I never even laid a finger on the pram. The Tula carried Flo everywhere from forest walks, climbing down steep stairs to waterfalls and more. You can read about our Great Ocean Road family adventure here.

Baby carriers are perfect for airport transits, short hikes, jumping on public transport, beach walks and anything else you can picture yourself doing on a holiday.


Still the best purchase I’ve made since having Flo



It’s a chair. It’s a camping chair. It’s a portable baby high chair!


Not just handy for camping – I can think of numerous of occasions when it would’ve been convenient to have a portable high chair handy whilst traveling. Like when a hipster café is too hipster to have high chairs.

The Ciao! Baby portable high chair is easy to collapse and transport on any adventure near or far, this compact travel high chair can be used anywhere, from ’round the campfire to tropical beach picnics; you won’t have to feed your bub or wriggly toddler from your lap, or run after him like a crazy lady with a spoon.




Taking baby carrying to the next level


Okay, the Kathmandu Karinjo carrier might just shock your system when you peer at the price tag, but how cool does it look? It’s like a backpack-carrier hybrid. If you’re looking for the best baby carrier for your next camping trip, or if you want to be the first to climb Everest with your child (not advised), I would look into getting a hiking carrier.

A standard baby carrier or wrap might cut it for a bit, but they’re not designed for hikes or long walks out in nature. I mean, I love my Tula baby carrier and all, but I wouldn’t be trekking up a mountain with it.



Can it get more compact than this? Probably. But you can still have my monies.


An umbrella stroller that folds into the size of a backpack? Shut up and take my money.

Forget fancy dancy McLaren lightweight strollers and travel prams – the GB Pockit is your answer to traveling in Asia with kids. Or babies. Or toddlers.

The majority of countries with Asia are not stroller or pram friendly. I repeat. Countries in Asia have some messed up sidewalks and gutters.

Think, MEGA population, sidewalks the height of your knees and countless bridges with no escalators or lifts to cross over to the other side. You can risk crossing the road, but I would advise against it. I got rammed by a Tuk Tuk in Hua Hin a few years back. I may or may not have been intoxicated. But that’s a story for another time.

This fusion extremely compact stroller is the answer to all my upcoming Thailand travels.




Let’s face it, a portable cot is just too bulky to take on your travels on top of all the other crap you’ve already got to haul around for your kid. Enter the inflatable and portable toddler bed. Much lighter to transport – the only downside is having to inflate it. But that’s what Dads are for, right?

What will most likely happen, is that the kid takes over and sleeps in the king sized hotel bed, and the two parents wind up sharing this seemingly comfortable inflatable mattress.




Mental note for the future kids


Okay, so this is how it’s going to go down. As previously mentioned, the kids are going to wind up taking over and sharing the king sized bed in the hotel room, while the poor parents will end up as bunk buddies.

You can find the Kid-O-Bunk here.




Let’s be honest, you can turn any bag into a nappy bag. Don’t fall for the marketing.


Alright, you got me. Herschel don’t design nappy bags. But, I, hereby proclaim the Little America backpack to be just as competent in storing nappies, wipes and baby food, as a nappy bag.

It’s big, spacious, and has enough compartments to segregate your bub’s nappies from snacks.

You may even be able to squeeze in your own goodies, so you can ditch your handbag and have an all-in-one backpack, making you the coolest kid on the block. With a kid.

You’ll be the hippest traveling parent at the motherflippin’ airport.




If you’ve got a short transit time, this is your answer.


The solution when you need to get from A to B stat, but your kid is not complying because they obviously do not see the urgency of the situation.

Strap ’em in the Ride On Carry On, get rollin’, get to your gate. Unstrap. Boom. Too easy.




This is what childhood fantasies are made of


All you parents must be thinking, okay, so what’s in it for me? Kids seem to have all the fun.

Well, folks, let me introduce you to the Micro Luggage Scooter for adults. Not kids. They ain’t laying a finger on that.

It’s cabin luggage approved size and it’s designed by Micro, one of the leading brands in scooter technology. I think this is a winner. No 4-wheeled piece of luggage can beat this. Nuh uh. Best carry on luggage ever? You bet.

If you’re skilled enough, you could probably even throw your kid on the Jet Kids BedBox and tow them along while you scoot, scoot away.


For more tips and advice on traveling with a baby, check out my post: Ultimate Guide to Traveling with a Baby. I can keep the parenting advice rolling in all day. ‘Cause, you know. I have a child, therefore that, makes me an expert.


Has anyone come across any other cool travel gear that every parent needs to know about? Trust me, they need to know.


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  1. Simon
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    These are all pretty spot-on. About to take our 3 year old on her first real vacation. Definitely going to take some cues from this article. That Bed-Box is amazing!
    I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Tina
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      I know, right? I was going to order one for our long haul trip to Europe but realised it wouldn’t arrive in time. Keep us updated on your first vacation with your 3-year old. Where are you headed?

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    I just wrote a post about traveling with kids as well so I thought I would read yours through Blogging Boost Facebook Group. Great tips!

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    I and my wife are very fond of traveling. We are blessed with a baby girl 5 months back. Going out with an adult and with five months old toddler has a huge difference. So, before making all the arrangements I Google some blogs and landed on your blog. You have solved my problem with such great travel gear items for kids. One of my friends has recommended me to buy travel accessories for kids from Kid Nomad Travel. They have a huge variety of products for the same purpose.

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