Hangry By Nature comprises of the potty-mouthed, clumsy and unconventional parent - Tina, her partner-in-crime and badass content creator - Andy, and their perpetually-troublemaking two boy squad - Flo and Raf.


Together, we're here to help and inspire parents to get the hell outside, regain some form of sanity, and create meaningful memories with their kiddos. 


People always say that life ends after having kids, I mean - it's true to an extent, but I refuse to accept such a miserable and bleak prospective future. It's probably the end of sanity as you know it, but I like to also think that life begins.




Kids have a funny way of shifting our priorities, but thanks to these tiny humans, we've developed a new perspective and passion in life - to spend more time and create memories that matter, together.


Let's face it, us women, can pretty much flush our careers down the dunny after kids. To be perfectly honest, no employer truly wants a half-committed and forever tired employee rocking up to work and leaving 2 hours later because you received a dreaded call from childcare that your kid is coming down with his 7th fever in 3 weeks and you have to go and fetch him immediately before he spreads the black plague to half the population of Australia.


So, you mentally prepare yourself to face a future confined within the four walls of your home (probably in quarantine) spent sporting week-old sticky top knots, negotiating with little tyrants, praying for 7pm so you can finally Netflix and guzzle-down-that-entire-bottle-of-Shiraz, and generally speaking, hanging onto the grips of sanity.


We're here to show you that it's entirely possible to put on some yoga pants, get out of the house (with a kid or two), step outside of the square, travel and continue following your dreams as a family - now more than ever.


Find your identity and purpose in life again - discover your passion, pursue it, and build a life that will give you the freedom to live the way you've always desired to, with your family in tow.


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