Welcome to my wanderlust adventures and hangry food crawls that stretch from local Australian explorations to beyond the continent and far across the seas. I tend to venture out with my two boys, Andy and Meatball, because I need someone to photograph my travels and a chubby little cute face to make my photos more appealing. Oh, yeah, they're great company too. 

I'm a copywriter by day, a thrill-seeker somewhere in between, and an aspiring online entrepreneur when the little wildling finally goes to bed and I can find the time to get sh*t done. But, you'll probably just find me standing in front of the fridge contemplating what to eat next. 

I can't seem to stay still in one location for more than two years before the same routine begins to drain my soul. Having lived half of my life in Germany, and the other part in Australia, all I seek to do is to immerse myself in more cultures, taste diverse cuisines and connect with people from different customs. 

For a humorous comparison, take a look at 10 Things I Miss About Germany - I like to think I was raised in the best of both worlds, but I still can't decide which country is better.

When my young soul hasn't been defeated by my wild and nocturnal lil kiddo, and I have time on my hands to give some f*cks about my own life, I also dabble in my passions - freelance writing and photography.

I believe there's no better education than personal experience. I want to expose my little ones to the good, the bad, and the ugly in this world; to understand and delve into other cultures, and most importantly - to feel grateful and develop a sense of purpose.


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In 2017, Andy and I came to the executive decision to live more and save less. One fine summer's day, I experienced somewhat of a late 20s existential crisis where I felt that my entire life was based around the most mundane of routines that a lot of us are trapped in. We moved back home in an attempt to save more money, but we didn't know what we were saving for. Saving, simply for the sake of saving didn't make any sense. 

How is it acceptable that we spend most of the best years of our lives working our youthful and adventurous souls away?

I yearned to chase adventures, eat, live, laugh, and see. I wanted to feel alive. All the time.

I'm here to inspire you to live your dreams. 

Our social standards dictate that we go to school, attend uni, get a degree, land a job, climb up the career ladder, buy a house and retire when we're 65. Do you know how far off that is? I can't skydive when I'm 65. I can't go sandboarding. The most I'll be doing is Tai Chi on my front porch with all my elderly homies at that ripe age.

This blog is all about having fun, designing your own lifestyle, and creating location independent business opportunities that will allow you to travel more, and spend more time with your loved ones.

I'm here to encourage you to be hangry, to free ourselves before we're too old or numb to do so. 

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery." 

- Thomas Jefferson



Andy + Flo




Andy's my personal photographer, selfie stick, handyman and father to Flo, aka Meatball. He fixes things when I break them, and does so with a constant smile on his face. 

He graduated the university of YouTube with flying honours, and harbours the innate ability to immaculately follow tutorials and instructions without fault, where others - such as myself - fail. 

The chief web designer and geeky handyman of all things technical, which I do not comprehend - he loves games that go pew, pew, pew, creating excel sheets, and getting his beastmode on at the gym. I suppose travel and food fits somewhere in between.

If Flo had a life motto, it would be: Life's short. There's places to see. Dogs to pat. Grass to eat. 

He's an adventurous little soul with absolutely zero chill, and won't stay home for longer than a few odd hours before pointing at the door indicating that he wants to GTFO.


Take a look at my latest posts for some family travel inspiration, how we manage to hit the road with a toddler, or if you're simply after a slice of humour. I am, afterall, a self-proclaimed comedian. 


I would love to show you how you can make the most of your time, especially if you have kids, and how you can balance full-time work with travel - and do it often. I hope, that by sharing my experiences, trials and tribulations, will inspire you to get outside, turn the day into an adventure, and eat the world with your little ones.

For a daily dose of travel and food inspiration - stay up to date with my misadventures on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

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