Life Values to Teach Our Kids in Dark Times

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Teaching kids good values


If you've been tuning into recent news, you know exactly what I'm getting at. 

The current condition of humanity is a deeply concerning one. I don't usually do serious. I'm not serious by nature. I'm all about having a whale of a time, making people laugh, sharing my Mum fail moments, and living for the experiences. No - being serious, seriously, cramps my style.

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But when a horrendous act of terrorism sweeps through my lovely German hometown - it hits home. It injures my very soul. It hits my angry notes. 

It's a terribly degrading feeling, but it's the kind of angry that trickles through your blood and makes you want to drop bombs over Syria. The kind of angry that makes me feel bitter and hateful towards a race. The kind of anger that makes me feel less of a human being because, essentially, it makes me become a terrorist.

But they are emotions that you just can't help but let yourself feel when you hear about the Munich shooting spree. Or the Paris bombings. Or the Nice truck attack. Another terrorist attack. Another suicide bomber. Children murdered. 

Tonight, whilst shoving BigMacs and nuggets down our throats in the McDonald's parking lot, Andy and I reviewed the sad state of this world and what exactly is going on with the human condition. Whilst slurping on my choco thick shake, we discussed the deluded concept of 'world peace'. 

It's wishful thinking, that's all it is. I don't believe in world peace. I hope for it. I pray for it. But it will never, ever happen.

We, human beings, are only capable of having moments of peace - and I think that's the best we can do. Our history of existence has never been peaceful; we learn about wars and revolutions. But peace? No. 

What disturbs me the most is that the majority of the recent sprees of terrorism and acts of violence were orchestrated by teenagers. They've barely had the chance to live, experience and thrive in life yet. And that makes me feel very afraid. 

How do we stop our kids from falling into the web of darkness? 

When Andy and I examined this topic - it came down to teaching our kids three vital values:



Creating a comfortable environment for open communication in a relationship is absolutely pivotal. Everyone yearns to be heard. Everyone needs words of encouragement. We would have very little leaders in this world if it weren't for the people in the background offering constant encouragement and praise. 

Andy and I have been through many bouts of ups and downs in our six incredible years together. It's taken us many trials and tribulations to realise how important it is not to let problems build and bottle up negative emotions. 

These days, when shit hits the fan, we press the pause button. Then, we reflect on where, we, ourselves went wrong. If we can teach our kids the importance of self-reflection and focus on improving our own characters to become better, more understanding and gratuitous - we all might just stop blaming all our life's problems on the world and look within ourselves for answers.

Open communication must also always involve words of encouragement, positivity and praise. People want to hear what they did right and good so that they continue doing so. Let's encourage and praise - kids and adults alike - so that everyone enjoys doing more good.

Proper upraising and communications starts with our parenting; we are, potentially, the root of all things good and bad and we need to show our kids that they can talk to us. That we will listen. We will walk in their shoes. We will understand. And we will offer our wholehearted support.



Simple enough, right? Give a smile and you shall receive one in return. Give a scorn and you will, undoubtedly, receive one back. 

Let's teach our kids to not ignore and be condescending towards people who are evidently having a bad day. People's moods can take a dramatic turn for the better if we offered them a smile and a helping hand. We all harness the power to turn anyone's day around so long as we do it with an air of intention and good will. 

Let's teach our kids to make an effort to respect even the unrespectable. If we can keep in mind that everyone is on a journey in life and that we each have our own struggles and a story to tell. Let's be open-minded like HONY and keep in mind that every person is fighting their own battle and what we see at first impression shows nothing of the beauty that lies below. 



As Prince EA describes in his perspective changing video - the feelings of depression and negativity are like clouds moving past the sky. We are the sky. Our feelings and emotions are merely the clouds that move past. Negativity will pass, just as feelings of happiness do. 

Let's teach our kids that everything has a life span and every feeling we've ever experienced, will pass. 

As Buddhist and Hindu teachings go - nothing in life is permanent. This is called Anicca. I have this tattooed on the inside of my arm to remember just how impermanent life and our time here on Earth is. 

Everything that we own, right as of this moment, must be returned when we die. It's important to teach our kids to not get too attached to the material things in life. Let's teach them to spend their time and energy on connecting with people and building experiences. 


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As a new Mum, I would love to know what values you intend to teach your kids? How do you plan on doing it?

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