FRANKSTON BEACH | Melbourne On Mat Leave | VLOG 09

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Oh, what did I get myself into taking not one, but two kids with me to the beach. It was a disaster!

On a particularly scorching Melbourne summer day, I decided it was wise to solo it to the beach with BOTH of my kids. How cocky was I to think that I'm some kind of Supermom?

We made our way down to Frankston Beach, first stop along Melbourne's breathtaking Mornington Peninsula. I'd never been to the Frankston Foreshore before, but I thought it would be a great day out seeing as there's beach, ice cream, a playground and plenty of open space.
Melbourne on Maternity Leave aims to inspire mums and parents to venture outside with kids to explore the best of what nature has to offer, and as a means for mums to stay sane. There's no better maternity leave hack than getting outside.

I'll be dropping a video of a place I visit in Melbourne every Wednesday.

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